The most exclusive country club in Greece set on a 50-acre estate in northern Athens.

TATOΪ Club is a private members club offering holistic wellbeing experiences. The club’s state of the art facilities include 20 tennis courts, training grounds, restaurants, a suite hotel, a spa and conference halls. With the creative guidance of RED Design, Kouros developed, manufactured and installed the entire signage system that includes wayfinding, architectural signs and decorative films.


The Great Outdoors

A well-executed wayfinding system was necessary to guide the patrons of TATOΪ Club through its vast outdoor spaces. With more than 30 outdoor facilities spread across many acres of land, it would be easy to get lost in the club grounds. Thanks to our directional signage, it is easy not to.

Interior Spaces

The directional signage suite is applied in the indoor spaces in the form of electro-cut frosted films, decal super-graphics and opaque signs that complement the buildings’ interior architecture.

Illuminated signs

One of the goals of illuminated signage in retail is to make the point of sale stand out from its surroundings. In a residential setting it is quite the opposite: illuminated signs need to blend into the venue’s environment and complement its architecture. They need to be noticeable but not distracting. And in the case of TATOΪ Club, an additional property was in the brief: a cinematic look and feel.

Sports Facilities

Sports facilities are the key attraction of any country club. And TATOΪ Club has lots of them: 20 tennis courts, running tracks, gyms and swimming pools. Kouros has manufactured and installed custom information and directional signs for every different venue within the club.