We provide signage solutions for every function of a modern airport, whether regional or international.

Airports are confusing places. A complex departure process, confusing layouts, long distances between terminals and many distractions on the way to the aircraft are all factors that can make the passengers lose their way. A sophisticated wayfinding system is essential for an airport’s efficient traffic flow but signage in an airport serves many more functions: airport marketing, decoration, flight information, identifying amenities, to name a few. Multiply those by a large number of signage formats available and add as extra layers of complexity the custom numbering of rooms and gates, bilingual text and special material requirements. Well, airport signage can be a confusing discipline. But not for Kouros.

Athens International Airport

The country’s largest and busiest airport, serving more than 24 million passengers per year. Kouros has been working on signage projects for AIA since its construction in 2000.

Improving the customer experience

Even though the core function of an airport terminal is transferring the passengers to and from the airplane, airports are investing ever increasingly in commercial activities and ways to improve the customer experience.

Behind the scenes

From passenger handling to catering and  from aircraft maintenance to cargo operations, our signs and graphics are used to identify all those buildings that house the unsung heroes of your airport experience.

Regional Airports

Over the years we have completed many wayfinding and signage projects for some of Greece’s busiest regional airports.


Airports and airlines have a symbiotic relationship. So this page could not be complete without presenting our work for the airport presence of the country’s leading airlines.




Leaving the airport

Unless you are John Travolta, an airport is never the final destination of your journey. After disembarkation, there are a number of amenities and services available to travelers and it is our job to make the signage that will help you identify them.