Mytilineos Holdings HQ

Bespoke architectural signage and interior graphics for the headquarters of the largest industrial group in Greece.

An industrial conglomerate based in Greece, active in the sectors of metallurgy, energy and EPC. Kouros was first appointed in 2011 to develop and manufacture the signage and wayfinding system for the headquarter building of Mytilineos Holdings. Since then, we have worked on numerous signage projects for the subsidiaries of Mytilineos Holdings and their administrative buildings.

Office Graphics

Indoor graphics need to work in harmony with the building’s decorative elements. In this case, our graphics were the decoration.


A wayfinding scheme can consist of many different elements such as wall signs, totems and placemarks. Here, we selected supergraphics and vinyl cut letters to complement the built environment and help the employees of Mytilineos navigate through the seven floors of the building.

Architectural Signage

The modern, residential design of the administrative buildings required impressive, yet discreet, signs that would blend into the architecture seamlessly. So, instead of making signs the old fashioned way, each element was tailor made to complement the facades and exterior spaces.