Our initiatives to make our world a brighter place

Our mission is to be an exemplary company. Not only in terms of our marketable output but also in terms of how our operations affect our people and stakeholders, the environment and our society. We may not be a multinational just yet but we try to mimic their social initiatives in order to bring positive change to our world.

Our Environment

The future will either be green or not at all.

To us, being green is about proactively planning our actions to reduce our footprint. It is about working ex-ante towards limiting the production of inorganic waste and our usage of natural resources, whether directly or indirectly. We use an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system that is revised regularly to incorporate better practices and technologies.

Employer Responsibility

Being a responsible employer is a lot more than honoring our legal and contractual obligations.
It is about caring for the well-being of the people that work with us and about treating them with
fairness and respect.

Corporate Philanthropy

Our ways of giving back. To the society that hosts us, to the communities that we belong.

More on our social actions in the News Section.