Piraeus Bank

The leading bank in Greece. The bank of banks.


A bank with a retail network that, in its prime, exceeded 1700 branches and 2000 ATM’s in 8 countries. A bank that has acquired a total of 22 banks. A bank that has entrusted Kouros with more than 20 of its major countrywide signage projects in a relationship that, after 25 years, is stronger than ever.

Back in the day

Piraeus Bank was founded in 1916 but it was only after its privatization in 1991 that it started shaping its current form. The 90’s were a decade of acquisitions for Piraeus Bank. Among the targets were important retail banking networks such as Natwest Greece, Xios Bank and the Bank of Macedonia & Thrace. By 2000, Piraeus Bank had evolved to one of the Greek majors in retail banking, with subsidiaries in Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and the UK.


An important milestone in Piraeus Bank’s history is the adoption of a new brand identity: the blue and yellow logotype paired with the ancient trireme vessel that symbolizes ancient Greece’s international expansion and trade growth with the perpetual elements of the Greek sea and sun. Kouros applies the new identity to the bank’s growing retail network. Indoors and outdoors.


The bank’s expansion programme became even more aggressive after 2000. Among the highlights of this period were a strategic local partnership with ING in 2002 and acquisitions of retail banking networks in Bulgaria, Serbia, Egypt, Ukraine and Cyprus between 2005-2008. And after each deal was complete, Kouros was there to rebrand the newly-acquired networks.

Green Banking

A concept first introduced by Piraeus Bank, Green Banking is a range of banking products for environmentally-friendly investments such as renewable energy and energy-efficient appliances. The pilot store opened its doors in early 2008 and between 2010-2011 the concept was rolled out to the Greek network. Apart from the exterior rebranding, we created branded “shop-in-shops” in each branch using a combination of printed and cast graphics, flex-face light fixtures, decorations and literature stands.

Another round of acquisitions

Between 2012-2013 Piraeus Bank acquires 7 more retail banks, including Millennium Bank, ATE Bank, Bank of Cyprus, Geniki Bank and CPB Bank. In 2013, the bank unveils its new identity and sets out to unify the new networks under a single brand. Kouros develops the new signage and is selected as the bank’s preferred partner for the roll-out. Together with the interim projects, during this period we complete a total of 10 rebranding projects.

The new CI

A minimal design with a lot of tech inside.

Following the look and feel guidelines of the new brand identity, we develop minimalist – yet striking – signage elements for all customer touchpoints that enhanced brand visibility both at street level and above. Despite their visual simplicity, there’s a lot of tech under the hood: using self-cleaning, PE-coated aluminium sheets, high-output illumination, LED-optimized acrylics and high-tolerance drivers, the new Piraeus Bank signs are brighter, look better and last longer.

Retail banking 3.0

After the bank’s vast retail network of 1350 branches in Greece and Romania was rebranded, Piraeus Bank engaged Kouros to develop the prototype for a new, ambitious concept: Greece’s first ever digital branch. Designed by DINN!, the “E-Branch” concept combines cutting-edge communication and automation technologies with a contemporary design to create a fully-automated branch that is also warm and humane. We applied this new concept to key branches across Greece and subsequently rolled-out the “Hub”, “Spoke” and “Personal Banking” concepts across Greece.

“Country wide network full rebranding is a tough job. We had 1 month to do it. They have done their part well and in time. Really an excellent job.”

Emanuel Odobescu
Director, Piraeus Bank Romania