National Bank of Greece

Transforming the oldest commercial bank in Greece into a modern player ready to take on the challenges of the new banking landscape.

Founded in 1841, the National Bank of Greece, is the country’s oldest commercial bank, and one of the largest financial groups in South East Europe, with presence in 8 countries. Over the past decade Kouros has helped NBG apply its new visual identity across its European network and develop and roll-out the signage and branding elements for its concept branches.

The previous identity

Even before its rapid international expansion in Europe and Turkey, the National Bank of Greece’s network was the largest in the country with more than 500 branches and 1400 ATM’s. For many years however, the bank used an outdated visual identity which did not help capture the younger demographic.

The new identity

In 2008, allen international, one of the leading global design consultancies, was commissioned to re-design the bank’s branches and create a new experience that appealed to both its younger and older customer base. Kouros was appointed to mass produce and install the new signage, indoors and outdoors. Even though, during the implementation of the rebranding, our Greek factory was completely destroyed by a fire on May 2009, the project was delivered on schedule.


Kouros and our domestic subsidiaries in the Balkans manufactured and rolled out the new, localized signage and interior retail identity of the international branch networks of the NBG Group in Albania, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.

Personal Banking

NBG developed the Premium Banking concept, to offer its high net-worth clientele a faster, discreet, personalized service and bespoke banking solutions. Kouros was selected to develop and deploy the signage for both the dedicated Premium branches and the personal banking units within existing locations.

Digital branches

Based on NBG’s electronic banking platform, branded the “i-bank”, allen international designed the automated i-bank concept store, which received the prestigious Iron A’ Design Award. Kouros manufactures and installs the signage elements of the i-bank network countrywide. The range includes the store’s main sign and portal, digital signage and illuminated wall panels and the furniture and desk lighting.