Citibank Europe

Rebranding the European retail network of the world’s most global bank.

A leap from nationwide to Europe-wide. A project that transformed our business. Not just in terms of geography and order volume but also in terms of our internal processes, quality procedures and communication protocols.We had been Citibank’s principal signage partner in Greece since 1988. And in 2003, the United States’ largest bank invited us to rebrand its network of branches across Europe.

1988 – 2002

Only a few short years after Kouros was founded, we were selected by one of the world’s largest financial services corporations to work on their local signage projects. A small retail network at first, Citibank’s footprint increased rapidly in the 90’s. Kouros was there to help the bank grow on the high street.

The evolution of the ATM

The weapon of choice of the world’s largest credit card issuer could be no other than the automatic teller machine. Over the years, Citibank invested heavily in upgrading its technology, increasing its ATM network and – with the help of Kouros – improving the overall customer experience through better signage and branding hardware.

Branding the world’s largest financial services firm

In 1998 Citicorp and Travelers Group merged to create Citigroup, the largest financial company in the world. The new entity approached leading design agency, Pentagram, to create the corporate identity. Legend has it that the new logo was created in under 5 minutes by influential graphic designer Paul Scher and was presented to Citi’s leadership as a napkin sketch during the introductory meeting. A few years later, Citibank was ready to roll out its new retail concept.

Interior Environment

Our work for Citi is not limited to signage for branch facades. Indoors, we apply two interior identities designed by Pentagram to create two distinct environments: the “Blue” environment for the retail areas of the branch and the “Citigold” environment for the private banking section.

A lot more than a retail bank

Citibank may be one of the largest consumer banks in the world but, with its operations encompassing the entire spectrum of financial services, its branding, signage and merchandising needs extend beyond the confines of retail design.