The first computer store network in Greece with 80 retail locations before its merger with Public and Get it Now.

Multirama was founded in 1996 as a dedicated computer retailer. In the following years, the network grew to reach 80 points of sale in Greece and Bulgaria, as well as 80 more locations through its subsidiaries, Public and Get it Now. Kouros was the exclusive signage and merchandising partner of Multirama and Get it Now and an approved supplier of Public until the 3 networks merged under the Public brand.

Turn-key. Since 1996.

Since 1996, Multirama has rebranded its network 3 times. Kouros has developed, manufactured and deployed the exterior and interior signage every single time. From high-frequency, countrywide rebranding programmes to individual organic projects,  Kouros was a reliable merchandising and signage partner that supported Multirama’s growth.

A refreshed identity and two new brands

Multirama refreshed its identity and entered into two new retail segments, online shopping and books and home entertainment, through its subsidiaries: Get it Now and Public, with 30 and 50 stores respectively in Greece and Cyprus.

The latest RVI

The refreshed visual identity of Multirama was used to brand the network’s new generation of mega-stores. The new stores, averaged more than 1,000 sq.m. of retail space. And as the stores grew larger, so did the volume of visual identity elements that was required to brand them.

What we did

  • Visual identity development + prototyping
  • Illuminated signs
  • Shopfitting + product stands
  • Facade cladding
  • Merchandising materials
  • Graphics + digital printing
  • Nationwide roll-outs