Turnkey signage and merchandising solutions for the leading technology retailer in the Balkans.

Germanos is a multinational retailer of electronics and telephony that reached, at its peak, more than 1000 stores in 7 countries. We were there from the early stages of the network and at every major milestone, developing and deploying the merchandising materials, shopfitting systems and retail signage that always kept Germanos ahead of its competition. 4 decades of operations, 4 retail identities. And we have been involved in every single one.

The evolution of Germanos

Our relationship with Germanos started in the 80’s when the chain’s pioneering founder, Panos Germanos, owned a small battery shop in Athens. In the coming decades, the network grew immensely and Germanos became one of the strongest retail brands in the country. We believe we helped.

A new identity

The battery logo was replaced with the “power on” logo in 2002 to mark the chain’s shift from batteries to electronics. Once again, we were selected to develop the new visual identity products and signs and roll them out to the entire Romanian network as well as stores in Greece and Poland.

A new retail environment

In 2011, Germanos wanted to refresh the retail space of its 400-store network and create a warmer environment and a more welcoming customer experience. So we were once again appointed to manufacture and apply the new retail concept. Working at a pace of 24 stores per week, our teams upgraded the retail space of Germanos stores nationwide by installing a a complete array of shopfitting and interior signage products.


Exterior signage

In recent years, we have successfully developed and implemented 3 countrywide signage programmes, helping Germanos refresh and upgrade the network’s store facades.

The next generation of interactive stores

In 2016, we were once again selected by the Germanos retail team to develop the merchandising hardware for the new generation of stores and roll it out nationwide. We manufactured the signage, shopfitting and merchandising and completed the interior rebranding project of the Greek network within twelve months.


What we did

  • Visual identity development + prototyping
  • Shopfitting + product furniture
  • Retail signs
  • Merchandising materials + stands
  • Facade cladding
  • Digital signage stands
  • Graphics
  • International roll-outs