Macoil Gas Egypt

A prototype gas station created in 5 business days



Macoil International is one of the most reputable bunkering houses in the Mediterranean, with operations in Malta, Egypt and Gibraltar. In 2015, Macoil set out to set up a service station network in Egypt, under the name Macoil Gas. Kouros was there from the very beginning working on all stages of the R&D process, from the concept design through to the development and installation of the prototype RVI in Egypt.

Design & Development

Macoil’s brief was simple: to develop the RVI for a high-profile fuel station network that would stand out from its local competition. We worked on the concept drawings and when Macoil’s management team signed off on the concept, those were passed on to a leading design agency, Impress Me, to further develop the network’s brand and visual identity. When the final designs were approved, the ball was in our court again to turn those into reality.

Under pressure

With the designs approved, we were tasked with an ordinary job but an extraordinary deadline: as Macoil Gas Egypt was bound by a very specific timeline for the transportation and delivery of the equipment, we only had 5 business days to simultaneously develop molds and tooling and manufacture all the elements for the prototype station. Needless to say that the cargo was loaded on time.

Working. On our tan.

Well, we actually multitasked and apart from the collateral tan, we worked on installing the entire array of RVI elements required to brand a filling station occupying a 6,000 sq.m. plot. Working during summertime, on the outskirts of the Sahara desert, in extreme humidity and under the scorching hot Egyptian sun was no easy task for our installation team. But with the help of our local partner from Cairo, the installation was complete in under 4 days.

What we did

  • Visual identity development + prototyping
  • Canopy + forecourt signs
  • Column cladding
  • Directional totems
  • MID pylon
  • Signage installation