Hellenic Petroleum – EKO

The largest oil company of Greece and among the largest energy groups in South East Europe

Hellenic Petroleum operates 2000 fuel stations in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia, FYROM and Montenegro under the EKO and BP brands. Kouros has been EKO’s signage partner for more than 20 years and been involved in numerous rebranding rollouts, product introduction campaigns, RVI development projects and retrofitting programmes. Below are the major milestones of our relationship with EKO.

The early years

Our relationship with EKO’s network did not start with EKO but with two fuel retailers that later merged with EKO. It was in the early 90’s that we were selected by ELDA and Mamidakis to develop their retail visual identity elements and roll out the new signage to their networks.

The first major rebranding

In 1996 EKO commissioned Wolff Olins to design its new visual identity and service station concept, named the “blue/red”. Kouros was selected to develop and prototype the stations’ RVI.


In 2004 Kouros was once again appointed to engineer, develop and prototype EKO’s new signage, this time designed by Minale Tattersfield and DASC.

Business as usual

Our work for EKO is not limited to complete station refits and the development of new signage concepts. Retrofits, architectural signage, POS merchandising units and product launch signage campaigns are all part of our everyday business with EKO.

Hybrids. Friend of foe?

Hybrid cars may be a fuel retailer’s nightmare but luckily we are referring to hybrid signs. In an attempt to assist EKO economize on rebranding costs and apply a uniform RVI across its vast network, we developed a hybrid version of the old and new signage whereby a station’s existing elements are retrofitted with the new identity and upgraded with new equipment.

“With the detail design & the development of two brand identities still being present and making each day interesting and unique, our cooperation, counting already more than twelve years, can only be described with words expressing principles and values:
“Directness – Responsibility – Efficiency”

George Papageorgiou
Director, EKO

What we did

  • Visual identity development + prototyping
  • Canopy + forecourt signs
  • Printed graphics + films
  • Product stands
  • Directional totems
  • C-store merchandising
  • Forecourt flags
  • High-rise pylons
  • Signage installations + nationwide roll-out