For the fifth time since its accession to the European Communities, Greece will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union during the first half of 2014! And for the first time, Kouros was commisioned to rebrand the Zappeion – the building that, for the coming six months, will host the institution’s summits and meetings -by applying the visual identity of the Greek Presidency across its grounds.

Specifically, our company produced and installed the indoor signs, the banners and the printed graphics that have converted the empty halls of the Zappeion to a conference building fit and branded for an international event of such significance.

Our directional signs are the ones that will facilitate the orientation of high-ranking visitors within the premises of the Zappeion! Our prints are the ones that will convey the messages of the Greek Presidency to its guests and present them with powerful imagery of Greece’s nature and history! And our banners are the ones that will serve as the backdrop for pictures of Europe’s leaders that will circulate around the world!