For the first time in its history, signs were installed on the historic headquarter building of the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization, widely known as the “Megaro” OTE.

The OTE Administrative Building in Marousi is among the tallest buildings in Greece and is definitely one of the most emblematic. It was built in the 1970’s and its construction was connected with the beginning of the era of the rapid development of telecommunications in our country.

As part of the unification of OTE and COSMOTE as a single brand, we were selected as the sole supplier for the nationwide rebranding project of the group’s retail points. When completed, our company was tasked with the final and most demanding stage of the project: the design, development and production of COSMOTE and OTE illuminated signs  for the top floors of the Megaro OTE.

The project was particularly complex because, in addition to the production of extra-large signs, with the largest one measuring 9 x 9m in total, they had to be installed on uneven facades, at a height greater than 60 meters. Moreover, the OTE sign had to be curved to allow its placement at the round core of the Megaron.

Thanks to a flawless technical design and planning, all signs were installed without a glitch within 3 days.