On April 11, 2014 the Hellenic Olympic Academy brought together more than 45.000 students from across Greece to create the world’s largest paper peace dove that consisted of more than 280.000 paper boats! Kouros created the massive plaform – measuring 30x100m – that covered the Panathenean Stadium’s terrain and was used as the foundation to help the students form this unique artwork and set a new Guinness World Record!

Our company donated this structure to support the Hellenic Olympic Academy’s initiative, which was also sanctioned by the Hellenic Olympic Commity and the Ministry of Education. It took more than 10 days of strenuous work by tens of craftsmen and more than 3000 square meters of tarpaulin to build.

“Our company generally supports and contributes to such initiatives; even more so when they involve children and when they take place in historical landmarks such as the Kallimarmaro. We are always moved by such attempts and, whenever possible, volunteer to add our bit! We will continue to actively participate in similar events in the future”, said John Tseperkas, managing director of Kouros.

Isidoros Kouvelos, president of the H.O.A., commented on the donation: “I would like to thank Kouros S.A. for their kind donation that will help significantly in making history at the Panathenean Stadium, by creating the largest paper dove of peace in the world, which will take a prominent position at the Guinness World Records! Besides that, however, this donation allows thousands of children to partake in our country’s future, helping them better comprehend the Olympic values of peace, friendship, excellence, sportsmanship, fair play and fellowship.”