We just completed our first…double roll-out: two back-to-back rebranding projects for the Greek retail network of Laiki Bank!

The Laiki Bank Group is a Cyprus-based financial group that owns a network of more than 400 retail branches in 9 countries. Following its recent takeover, the Bank rebranded its Greek subsidiary, from Marfin Egnatia Bank to Laiki Bank and turned to us for the development, production and installation of its new corporate signage (illuminated fascia signs, projecting signs, ATM enclosures, graphics) across its network of branches.

As always, we developed and delivered signs of exceptional quality… only this time, we had to do so fast! In just 4 days, we rebranded more than 55 branches in Attica and within approximately 10 days we had completed the project across the remaining network in Greece!

And when – a few days later – Laiki Bank was renamed again to CPB Bank, we successfully repeated the roll-out..and this time we were much, much faster: we rebranded more than 100 branches and 50 off-site ATM’s across Greece in just 7 days!